During these difficult times it is important to be grounded in the unchangeable word of God. Check out these coronavirus related messages and live worship sessions!


2 Corinthians 5:1-10

David Rosales

2020 Vision

Jack Graham

A Call to Revival

Cliff Whitehead, Zechariah 4:6

COVID19 – Is it a Biblical Plague, God’s Judgement or Something Else?

Raphael Giglio

COVID-19 – Live Q & A

Ed Taylor

CoVID-19 – Series

John Randall

Daniel 6:1-28

Dave Rolph, Daniel 6:1-28

Faith Over Fear

Tony Evans

Faith That Conquers Fear

Bill Stonebraker, John 20:25-29

God of the Unexpected

Randy Smith, Luke 19:28–44

God, Time and Truth Series: Divine Justice

Pancho Juarez, Genesis 44

How to Walk with God in 2020, Part 1.1

Greg Laurie, Hebrews 11

How to Walk with God in 2020, Part 1.2

Greg Laurie, Hebrews 11

How to Walk with God in 2020, part 2 – I

Greg Laurie, Hebrews 11

How to Walk with God in 2020, Part 2 – II

Greg Laurie, Hebrews 11

Job 23

David Zamora, Job 23

Life After Lockdown

Alistair Begg, John 20:19-23


Johnny Zacchio, Psalm 61

Reaching your World Conference

Luis Palau Association

See That You Are Not Afraid

Michael Chaddick, Matthew 24:1-14

Strengthen Your Foundation!

Robert Fountain, Acts1:1-11

The Book of Ezekiel

James Kaddis, Ezekiel 44-45

The Corona Crisis

Brad Winship

The Word for Today

Joe Focht, I John 2:12-17

True Love in a Time of Crisis

Ravi Zacharias

Trusting in God Through the Worst of Times

Lloyd Pulley, Psalm 34

What is Revival?

Raul Ries, 2 Chron. 7:14

What Would Jesus Say About the Crisis?

Michael Youssef

When Life Doesn’t Make Sense

John Randall, Job 1:21-2:10

When Sheltering Is a Problem

Skip Heitzig, Job 9

When The Storm Doesn’t Stop”

Shane Idleman

Why We Don’t Lose Heart

Jack Abeelen, 2 Corinthians 4:1-6

Your Future is Written by God

Ed Taylor, Daniel 11:1-35