“I am always in the car. The Bridge gives me the true word of God at times that I can’t sit and read and it always blesses me.”
-Latisha, Freehold, NJ – Listens on 89.7 FM

“I lived in CA for 6 yrs and worked as a security guard. I discovered Chuck Smith and Calvary Chapel and introduced my children to it. When we came home to NJ, I tried to find a Calvary Chapel with no luck. I am still a security guard, but now I’m in a vehicle all day. One day I hit scan and came across your station. I could have sworn that I heard Greg Laurie. Now, The Bridge is my first choice. I hear old favorites and new. I have you on my phone as well now, so when the radio acts up, I Bluetooth my phone to the car. You guys make my day. Thank you.”

“I have been listening to your radio every day for so many years and know and love every pastor. Thank you kindly. God bless all of you at the station.”
-Marisol– Listens on 103.1 FM

“I come from a physically abusive father, and a past filled with drugs, crime and prison. I was just released from prison, but this time for something I was falsely accused of, as I was sentenced based on my criminal record. I could have been mad at God, but instead I took advantage of the time and strengthened my relationship with Him. I ministered to men who were hurting and didn’t know Jesus, and I wrote poetry that glorifies God and about redemption.  I love the Lord. I would listen to The Bridge every morning… Lloyd Pulley, Greg Laurie, Charles Stanley etc.  I am working and still honoring the Lord. He has restored the relationship with my ex-wife, and I am a father to my two young sons. Thank you, Jesus.”
-Michael, NJ – Listens on 103.1 FM

The Bridge comes full circle …and starts a new one. It was 1992, before my walk began and I was truly lost to the world. Only one station came in at work, a morning Christian talk show had made its way through the noise to my ear. However, two speakers who spoke my language (street) had found their way into my heart. They were Greg Laurie and Raul Reis. Fast forward a year or so and I was invited to a service at Calvary Chapel Old Bridge, in a grammar school. There, I first heard the teaching of Lloyd Pulley, a pastor under the guidance of none other than Raul Reis. Coincidence? Not in God’s plan. Fast forward many more years and the circle comes to a close with The Bridge radio station. Once again, the two men responsible for bringing me out of darkness have found their way into my ears and heart. The Bridge also has so many other incredible theologians and apologetics teachers; there is no excuse for a lack of understanding and trust of God’s word.  This is where the new circle begins. The Lord has led me into ministry as a youth corrections facility mentor. Enter Pastor’s Perspective on The Bridge from 6PM – 7PM. I am often inspired and given direction for discussion while on my evening drive to NJTSB.  The relevance of the questions asked and the complete and inspired answers given often reflect the concerns of my mentees. In them, the circle continues on. Only God knows where it will travel but I am sure of one thing… Travel on it will, collecting lost souls and lives as it goes.”
– Doug, Freehold, NJ – Listens on 89.7 and 91.9 FM

“I just want to say thank you from the depths of my soul, for being able to listen and be a part of The Bridge in receiving the Word of God 24/7. I have been inviting and encouraging many people all around to tune in and to be truly blessed. I attended Bridgefest 2014. I thank all the staff and volunteers at The Bridge for being so wonderful, helpful, and courteous. Thank you. I pray that God continues to broaden and strengthen the air ways so no matter where we travel, The Bridge is there. I pray that He continues to opens the Heavens & pour out His blessing upon this station, forevermore.”
-Deborah, Rochelle Park, NJ – Listens on 103.1 FM

“I’ve been blessed to have a lot of free time lately, and the teaching on this station has encouraged me and edified me immensely. I pray many would listen to your station rather than the name it/claim it guys on TV.  The teachers I’ve heard on your station aren’t afraid to teach it the way God meant it. I pray they will continue to stand for the truth in an age where many tickle the ears of their listeners. ”
-Mortimer – Listens on 89.7 FM

” I started listening to the station when I used to drive for a medical transport company. In the early morning hours I would be transporting clients to dialysis.  At that time of my life, I was not a Christian, yet felt prompted to turn off my worldly music in the early morning hours for people who are going to be spending the next four hours filtering their blood.  Your station blessed many people on our rides. Throughout all that time driving, I started listening on my own, and one early-morning hour I received Christ through your station.  I love this station.  I thank you for the awesome glory of Christ that shines through this station!  Thank you, thank you, thank you, for being that bright light in this dark world.  The Lord is using you guys powerfully!! ”
-Christine, Brick, NJ – Listens on 89.7 FM

“I usually listen to the station all day and it has been a great support to me. ”
-Holly, Poughkeepsie, NY – Listens on 106.9 FM

“I’ve been a Christian for 40 years, and I listen over the Internet every weekday morning, from Maine. ”
-Roger, Portland, Maine – Listens online

I am a disabled veteran, a 35 plus year heroin addict with eight years clean. Over the past four years I have been diagnosed and treated for stage 4 kidney cancer, stage 3 bladder cancer twice, and became paralyzed from neck down related to my service-connected disability. Your broadcast and teaching always provide just what I need when I need it even when I didn’t realize I needed it.  You have to admit that’s so cool, but what else would you expect from an awesome loving Father. Thanks & Blessings to all you folks for your vision, dreams, and outreach.
– Robert

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You may be new to the station, or you may have been listening for some time. You’ve been blessed by the programming, and now you are wondering how The Bridge came to be.

The vision for the station began when Pastor Lloyd Pulley prayed for God to open the door for a station dedicated to sound Bible teaching and worship music in the central Jersey/NY area. Pastor Lloyd’s radio program, Bridging the Gap, had been on another prominent NY Christian talk radio station since the early 1990’s, and Pastor Lloyd understood the tremendous impact radio could have on this Northeast region.

After a few years, a fellow pastor, Chris McCarrick, learned that just such a station was available for purchase. Understanding the tremendous investment of time, resources, and effort involved in bringing such programming to life, Pastor Lloyd and Pastor Chris committed the venture in prayer. Soon the Lord opened the door for Calvary Chapel Old Bridge to provide the funding for the station, and The Bridge was born!

The Bridge went live on the air for the first time on June 27, 2003. Since then, the station broadcasts the life-changing message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, without compromise, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Its programming reaches unbelievers with the Good News, and also equips believers to reach their world in the power and might of the Lord Jesus Christ.

God has used The Bridge to reach literally millions of people all over the world, through the station’s online streaming, and throughout the New York / New Jersey area.

The Bridge Christian Radio (Bridgelight, LLC) is a radio ministry of Calvary Chapel Old Bridge, NJ.