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You guys are the best! I first stumbled on you guys when I was trying to find something to listen to one day. Well, I told many people about your broadcast. Even when I can’t pick you guys up on the radio, I go online and I can listen to you guys 24/7 . My plans are to donate every month because GOD says, ” to give into my house so it can be full and feed his people continually.


"While in the US Navy, a young Baptist roommate tried to bring me to Jesus. I ignored him and didn’t think about it for over 40 years. At 65, I moved to NJ where I began to listen to The Bridge. One day, one of the preachers offered me salvation through Jesus Christ. I spoke the words with him and immediately felt a great joy and peace. I knew I had been born again, and my life has been changing ever since. The Bridge helps me every day in my fight to become more obedient to God and to understand His will for me.”


This radio station has changed my life, and brought me to God. My usual routine was to drive to and from work listening to very loud music, as some sort of stress reliever. One day, I decided not to listen to this music, I came across 89.7 and it grabbed my attention. Ever since, my radio stays on 89.7 FM. I’ve been lost in darkness for a long time. Your radio station found me, and I couldn’t be happier!


I want to thank you for your ministry. My husband and I, as well as some of our grown children, are so blessed by your programming, and really don’t know what we’d do without The Bridge Christian Radio.