Casting Cares

Joshua Springs Calvary Chapel
57373 JOSHUA Lane
Yucca Valley, Cal 92283


Saturday 12:45 pm

Pastor Jerel and Merrily Hagerman are the creators of Casting Cares a weekly  radio program that answers your questions on life issues & relationships.  With years of experience in pastoral teaching counseling and ministries around the world you now can call in your questions to Casting Cares 760-820-9490 or visit us at Casting Cares on Facebook.  Pastor Jerel is the lead pastor of Joshua Springs Calvary Chapel And the president of Calvary Bible Institute in Yucca Valley California at the gateway of the beautiful Joshua Tree National Park.  Merrily teaches women’s ministry weekly at Joshua Springs and is a retreat conference speaker.  You can follow their through the Bible teachings at Joshua Springs.Org, subscribe at Joshua Springs YouTube, or download the Joshua Springs app.

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