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Jacksonville, OR 97530

Monday-Friday 4:00 am

Sitting here at my desk this morning my heart is both humbled and happy as I read through emails sent from folks who have expressed thanks for, and are being blessed by, the teachings made available here through Searchlight Radio.

Such has really uplifted my soul and truly made my day!
Thank you so very, very much for your kindnesses and encouragements.
And thank you for the financial support that many of you have blessed us with.As you very well know, these are econmically trying times for just about everybody (and every ministry!).

So more than ever, people need to be saturating their souls in the premises and promises of The Word of God.

Now the gifts you have graciously given to this ministry have allowed you and me to play a part in doing just that for thousands and thousands of people all over the world. As I’m sure you know, none of your contributions go to me personally. They all go into the maintaining and expanding of this teaching ministry. And for the impact this ministry has made on any and all, please know that one day not-too-far-away (Maranatha!) you will indeed be rewarded for the role He inspired you to play in getting out His Word through this ministry in these last of the last days!

All of which is to say, thank you guys for your kindness and support. It means more to me than than words can express . . .

With much appreciation and thankfulness,


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