The Bridge wants to challenge you,
to pay it forward this Thanksgiving season,
by being a part of our “We’ve Been Blessed” campaign.
Team up with us in sharing the love of Jesus
towards others this holiday season!

“Thanksgiving day is drawing near,
A special time for love and cheer!
We, at The Bridge, just wanted to say,
You are such a blessing in every way.
The weather is cool and fall is here,
We just wanted to share some autumn cheer!

Will you join us? It will be fun,
In sharing this joy with everyone!

First, post this leaf where it can be seen,
Next, leave two blessings for others to glean.
It’s best if you deliver when there isn’t much light,
Leave the blessing at the door – stay out of sight!
Neighbors, in awe, will have smiling facings,
No one would guess who “blessed” which places!
This is all in good fun and we just want to say
Happy Thanksgiving and Have a LEAF-ly day!”

How to pay it forward:
1) Click Here  to download and print two copies of the instructions & “We’ve Been Blessed” sign

2) Prepare two blessings to give out. If you need a gift, we can supply you with a FREE book, CD or MP3 from one of our Bridge teachers. Simply click here to request materials.

3) Secretly deliver a goodie bag, with instructions & “We’ve Been Blessed” sign, on the front porch of two friends / family / neighbors / strangers, who do not have a sign.

4) Keep an eye on nearby front doors to see how far and fast this spreads by Thanksgiving!

5) If you feel lead, share your story with us! We would love to know how you were blessed by this gesture. Tell us your story by clicking here!

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